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Hi there! And thanks for stopping in. I'd love to know your story. 
I believe that sharing stories is the secret sauce to changing the world. When we share our stories, we begin to see one another. We find those familiar moments, those gentle recognitions of familiarity that are the cornerstones of intimacy and gratitude. It's through our stories that we enter into community, and we remember that we are not alone. 
I invite you to change my life by sharing Y.our E.veryday S.tory with me. I look forward to connecting with you, and to whatever adventure follows. :) See you on the other side! 
Alexis is an award-winning speaker who has been featured in Speakers Who Dare: Swaay The Narrative and the NYC Speaker Salon. Alexis is a proud of alumnus of Seton Hall Univeristy and The Florida State University, earning degrees in Theater, Theological Studies and Child Development. Trained by Tricia Brouk's Art of the Big Talk, Alexis combines her passion, intellect, and life experience to offer messages of healing and hope from the stage. With her adventures as a Catholic missionary, a single mom, an expat, a lover, a teacher, and a friend, Alexis has become an expert story-teller that reminds us all of our shared brokenness and our shared beauty. Her work is designed to promote the incredible impact you can have when you say Y.E.S. to sharing Your Everyday Stories with the world. 


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